20 cancer symptoms women over 40 shouldn’t ignore

Close to 1.7 million new cases of cancer are diagnosed in the US alone every year. And while many persons follow basic healthy living protocols that minimize their risk, like getting adequate exercise, eating a strict diet, and skipping the smokes, there are countless kinds of cancer that can’t readily be prevented by lifestyle changes alone.

Scarier yet, many symptoms of cancer go unnoticed until they’ve spread throughout the body. What you assume to be an exercise injury, the symptom of Mutual cold, or a minor dermatological problem can be something more serious lurking below the surface. the great news? once you know to appear out for these surprising cancer symptoms, you increase your chances of living an extended , healthy life. And once you want to boost your health and longevity on a each day

1- Unexplained Weight Loss

While many of us assume that easy weight loss could be a good thing, in many cases, it is a sign of something more serious. Unexplained weight loss, particularly in the double-digit range, maybe an early sign of certain kinds of cancer. Cancers of the esophagus, throat, and stomach can present with difficulty swallowing or feelings of fullness, often causing significant unintended weight loss. colon cancer as well a frequent contributor to unintentional weight loss, due to the changes it can cause in your digestive habits. Open next page to read more

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