7 foods to fight depression in quarantine

The unusual situation that we live in today globally because of the COVID-19 pandemic, is undoubtedly a source of stress. The change of routine and also the constant concern that the crisis implies, affect the mood of the many people.

And although our emotional well-being depends partially on circumstances and even genetics, fortunately, there are actions we are able to take to improve the case.

Diet is one in every of the factors that influence our mood, since there are substances within the products we eat that improve our brain chemistry associated with the sensation of well-being and tranquility. even as a diet high in simple sugars causes anxiety and bad mood.

A study by Binghamton University in NY State revealed that older adults who ate more fruits and fewer simple and processed carbohydrates had fewer episodes of hysteria and depression.

There are four natural chemicals involved during this process: Serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin, and food can contribute to their production.

In this article we bring you 7 foods that help increase these chemicals in our body.

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