There are so many factors that influence your skin health that it can become difficult to keep track of the ways you could be unknowingly damaging your skin. One of the stealthiest of these negative influences on your skin is a poor diet. If you eat poorly, you are directly sabotaging your skin’s health. But you could be eating pretty well and still have some issues with your skin. This could be due to certain foods that are not commonly thought of as unhealthy, but are specifically terrible for your skin. To find out these surprisingly dangerous foods you never knew about, here are 7 foods that are actually ruining your skin.


Although many people swear by their morning cup of coffee, this steamy, delicious morning ritual could be compromising your skin. Coffee is a diuretic, which can drain your body of all its hydration – including your skin. This can result in fine lines can look worse, and your face can lose its glow and dewy look. Balance coffee with a glass of water to replace some of the lost hydration.

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